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It has taken my husband and I seven years to save up for the deposit of our first house, we might have got there sooner had I not fallen pregnant with my eldest son. Living in a flat was O.K. as it was handy for work, the shops, and we did not have to worry too much about maintenance, but we both dearly wanted to get on the property ladder.

I used to dream of a country cottage, with roses round the door, furnished stylishly in keeping with the cottage. My chairs would have tapestry seats, my wooden furniture would be solid and heavy. I would have a four-poster bed, draped in nets and lace (just like the one we had on our honeymoon), and my soft furnishings would be of the traditional, classical never-aging style. My windows would be draped in lace, and I would spend my days making chutney and jams.

But that was just a dream! We would have to win the lottery to afford the kind of country cottage I dreamt of. When we started house hunting, reality set in. A three bed-roomed semi on a small estate was the most we could expect. A sensible decision, as it was close to schools, my husbands work, and the local medical centre and shops were just a five minute walk away.

As the flat we were living in was furnished accommodation, we had to budget to buy new furniture. I told my husband my dream of a country cottage, and how I had daydreamed for hours planning the furnishings. We then agreed that our three bed roomed semi would become our country cottage. We scoured all the second-hand shops and centres, and selected some items which were in very good condition. The beds were new, of course, but as my bother-in-law was a carpenter by trade, we asked him if it was possible to convert the bed to a four-poster. He said it would not be a problem, and after a couple of weekends work, we Had my much dreamed for four-poster.

Now for the soft furnishings - I couldn't wait to buy nets and lace to make swags for the bed, and to convert my windows to look like a country cottage.

I found the ideal site on the internet to buy from, especially as I was now very heavily pregnant, and the thought of walking round lots of shops, was too much for me to contemplate.

I was, and still am delighted with the results. Most of the other houses on my small estate, seem to prefer slatted blinds. They are O.K. but how odd would they look in a country cottage? All my friends think my home is very "quaint", but extremely comfortable, and very serviceable with two boisterous boys charging around.

I love it, and although we talk about retiring to the country, I am quite happy with what I have - I even have roses growing round the door! To buy Net Curtains and Net Curtain Designs online check out Mr Net Curtains.

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A country home in town

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This article was published on 2010/07/07