Are Killer Drones Over The USA Just A Matter Of Time

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Are killer drones over the USA just a matter of time? The awesome killing power, not to mention the the spy possibilities. We all know that with Obama in office a lot of things in this country have changed; we lose more freedoms every day.

We used to have a right to privacy a while back, but now they can wire tap a phone as they please under the patriot act. Don't think for a single minute that you have to do some horrible crime for them to pry in to your life.

Technically they could nail my hide to the wall for trying to help save my country, and spreading the word on this web site. It seems that nothing is out of the reach of the feds these days, and I do mean nothing they are tying to destroy this country.

So why not use some false flag event to put killer drones over the USA. Of course it will be done under the guise of protecting the people from some huge threat. But let me ask you; how could a killer drone designed to spy on you, and to kill people ever keep you safe.

Another quick question how does anything they are doing keep you, or this country safe? In the past 30years I can't think of a single thing that any of them have done to help this country or keep it safe from invaders. How does leaving the borders achieve a secure country.

I can't think of one good reason why the USA needs killer drones spying on all of the people. Believe me when I tell you, if they think that a person is a threat to the national security of this country, they don't need to track all of the people to find that person.

They have satellites that can read a car license plate from space, so yes that same technology can be used to follow a national security threat. They do not need to spy on the entire populous of this country for any reason but to keep track of where we are all going, and what we are doing.

Until every single person in this country is a national security risk they do not need to spy on the entire country. Some things are never caller for, or needed for any purpose. So by all means give up more of your rights in the name of security,but it is nothing more then a huge lie.

Ask yourself one question; do I want the feds watching, and listening to everything that I do? Do they really need to know everything about me to stop a national security threat? Do I pose a threat to this country?

There is no doubt that if you answered yes to all of the above questions, you should just turn yourself over to the feds now and make it better for those of us how still care about this country and our lives. Help them fill their FEMA camp quota today.

I know that I don't need some killer drone peering through my window waiting for the right time to kill me. I'd prefer to go out like a man if this s*** hits the fan. Not targeted by some drone from 30,000 feet above the ground.

Personally my answer to all of these questions is no. I love my country, and I am smart enough to realize that the government isn't going to come to my rescue. Nor will they hand out free goodies to me or any other person.

Nothing in this life comes for free, but the biggest price that that a person can pay is their life, or their freedom. If your sell out to the feds you will be giving up both your life, and your freedom.

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With the natrional debt, Obama Care, and the other ideas that have come down the pipe. John Carpenter has decided to begin to inform the American people about it.

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Are Killer Drones Over The USA Just A Matter Of Time

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This article was published on 2012/06/07
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