Top Dental Tourism Destinations in the World

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With the ever improving travel infrastructure, people are a lot more open to flying off to unique destinations around the word for leisure, business and most recently, a doctor’s appointment.

This holds true especially in the field of dentistry, where patients who fly out for procedures in cosmetic dentistry, invisalign treatments, and even basic procedures such as root canals to save up to 70% of their dental costs .
Here is a list of some of the most popular travel destinations around the world that offer tourists great and affordable dental care infrastructure and expertise –

1. Thailand
The country of Thailand is known to have some of the most modern and biggest dental care facilities in the world. This tropical country hosts thousands of health tourists especially from the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand every year.

2. Philippines
Another tropical dream come true, the country is known for its excellent infrastructure in dentistry as well its cost-effective prices. Its world renowned hospitality is also mainly experienced by Australians, New Zealanders, Americans and Canadians.

3. Dubai
The world’s biggest oasis has worked hard over the years to cater to the needs to travellers from around the world. Healthcare and dental tourism is one such area that it has mastered by offering luxurious and yet affordable services to its patrons. You will commonly find patients flying in from Austria, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States here.

4. Turkey
At the cusp of Asia and Europe, is the magnificent country of Turkey which in addition to being a cultural hot spot, has been put on the world map for its skilled medical expertise especially in oral health.

5. Czech Republic
Another popular destination among the English, Germans, Austrians as well as the Swiss, for premier dental care, the historic city of Prague is easy to get to through a low cost airline.

6. Poland
Easily accessible by plane as well as train from most parts of Western Europe and Scandinavia, this country hosts a number of dental patients from Germany, Austria, UK, Holland, Sweden and parts of Norway.

7. Hungary
Europe’s most preferred destination for dental tourism, this country is renowned across the globe for housing the most skilled dentists in the world. People from England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, United States, Holland and France frequent this country for their needs in oral health.

8. Spain
Even though the country always offered cost effective oral care, the dwindling economy has resulted in further reduction of prices. Patients from Germany and United Kingdom frequent this country the most.

9. Mexico
Another exotic destination, situated in the American subcontinent, cities such as Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun offer excellent care in oral care at great prices. A drive across the border, Americans and Canadians frequent this country the most.

10. Costa Rica
Another popular destination for Americans and Canadians, this country is known for its experts that are trained in America. In addition to oral care, this country makes for a great vacation destination.

For various reasons ranging from expensive healthcare system, long waiting periods and lack of healthcare technology, there are millions of travellers who are now willing to make it to different parts of the world to receive good quality healthcare.

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Top Dental Tourism Destinations in the World

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Top Dental Tourism Destinations in the World

This article was published on 2012/08/06